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Discover top-tier horticultural brands at Indorgro for cannabis cultivation.

A cannabis sprout emerges, displaying its cotyledons and shedding its seed husk.

Cannabis Research

Indorgro™ is at the forefront of cannabinoid research and development in collaboration with the Centre for Medicinal Plant Health Research (CMPHR), at the University of Guelph

Cloned cuttings of medicinal Cannabis indica plants—four rooted in soil—seen from above within a mylar grow tent, forming a segment of an indoor medical marijuana cultivation setup.

Package Deal: Cultivate 4 Cannabis Plants

Starter Kits for Growers

Select the ideal nutrient kit for your cannabis growth requirements, tailored for both medical and personal use.

Grower's Choice 

Customize your kit and schedule for regular tailored deliveries of our specialized offerings.

Monthly feature

Explore diverse, handpicked seed strains for the adventurous grower.






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