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Cannabis Research

Centre for Medicinal Plant Health Research

The University of Guelph’s Ontario Agricultural College is among the world’s leading horticulture research institutes and the undisputed leader in closed environment horticulture systems and integrated pest-management solutions. We have a responsibility to guide Canada and the world towards the future of sustainable medical plant research.


Meet Canada's Rock Star of Plant Research, Dr. Mike Dixon

Dr. Mike Dixon formed the Space and Advanced Life Support Agriculture (SALSA) program at the University of Guelph.  This program currently represents Canada’s main contribution to the international space science objectives in biological life support and collaborates with NASA and the Canadian and European Space Agencies.

Centre for Medicinal Plant Health Research

"We are about to be the world’s leading research venue for phyto-pharmaceutical applications.  Growing cannabis to ensure consistent production of medical compounds will be a major focus. In time, clinical trials will help make cannabis a conventional pharmaceutical commodity.  This is impact research that improves life."

- Dr. Mike Dixon, Professor / Director, Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility, University of Guelph

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A New Beginning

On March 11, 2020, Indorgro™ Founder/CEO,  Brad Rubin (left) and Dr. Mike Dixon at the Centre for Medicinal Plant Health Research, synchronize their next mission.


  • Establish a dedicated closed-environment research space for interdisciplinary medicinal plant research and production.

  • Expand our team of researchers, engineers, and scientists.

  • Obtain advanced research technologies to elevate plant research quality.

  • Develop specific cannabis research capabilities for the evolving industry.

  • Conduct comprehensive research spanning genetics, breeding, production, analysis, and health applications of cannabis.

  • Aid the cannabis industry in setting quality standards for large-scale indoor production.

  • Offer industry training, tech support, and knowledge transfer.

  • Assist governments with evidence-based research for policy development.

  • Train future leaders in medicinal plant research and policy.

  • Collaborate to bolster agri-food industry and controlled environment sustainability.

  • Influence policies surrounding medicinal plants via knowledge dissemination and partnerships.​

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Help Our Cause

With your support and contributions, we can achieve our objectives and enhance circumstances. 

Donations made to the University of Guelph by December 31st can be claimed against your income for the current year. 2023 charitable tax receipts will be issued 

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Projects past and present


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